Haven develops smartphone-friendly site

Domestic operator Haven’s online offering is going mobile with a new website.

A site for smartphone users is designed to help convert views into bookings using finger swipes and touch controls instead of hovers and clicks.

The m.haven.com site has been designed by developer Nucleus to engage the increasing number of visitors who use smartphones.

The mobile website allows users to access all the information required to make a buying decision, together with an easy-to-follow mobile-optimised booking flow.

Users can browse the site and select suitable holidays via their mobile but then access ‘saved holidays’ from their PC desktop.

It has been developed to respond quickly, even over GSM connections.

The look and feel of the mobile site remains consistent with the main haven.com site, also designed by Nucleus.

The m.haven.com website is optimized for both iOS and Android users and is built using the same Tridion Content Management System as the main website.

This ensures efficient website editing and maintenance and that changes made can be delivered simultaneously across all digital channels.

Nucleus chief executive Peter Matthews said: “Nucleus’ own mobile web browsing surveys report mobile web browsing doubling in the past 12 months to over 20% of all traffic, so Haven’s decision to be an early investor in the mobile era is a smart move.

“Others will follow, but with mobile heading for more that 30% of all traffic by next year, those that ignore taking action now will pay the price in 2013.”

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