Travelwhere repositions as search engine for specialist operators

Holiday planning and search engine Travelwhere has redesigned its website to provide consumers with detailed information about specialist tours and drive better qualified leads to tour operators.

The new specialist search engine offers keyword search facilities alongside destination images to help consumers find in-depth content on a choice of unusual holiday options from leading specialist operators.

Travelwhere claims it can deliver more relevant and useful content, without users having to visit multiple sites.

Founder Ian Champness claimed: “The software we’ve developed goes one step further than a Google result. It shows an image and full tour description to give the user exactly what they want to see in one search and thus drives better informed leads to the tour operators.”

The site features more than 8,000 itineraries from over 60 specialist operators and offers both free listings and free click-throughs.

The commercial model is a ‘contextual advertising’ option starting at £59 a month. This displays the operator’s ad alongside the relevant holiday search result, as this combination invariably improves the click-through rate.

It guarantees that any launch ad will stay on the Travelwhere site until 1,000 click-throughs have been delivered.

“Activity, adventure, wildlife and culture is collectively a huge holiday market and is now being described as the new mainstream,” said Champness.

“The trouble is, finding the specialists and the myriad of tours and experiences they offer is not an easy process, and it’s very time consuming too. What the consumer wants to find is a choice of holidays from a range of specialist operators in just one site so that they can quickly and easily compare the itineraries.

“The aim of our new website is to create a holiday search and planning ‘one-stop’ site that turns inspiration into a call to action.

“We think we’re the only website specifically designed to provide comprehensive details of these specialist itineraries with deep link access to the precise holiday landing page.”

He added: “We think this is a win/win for the specialist operators and it’s the first of a number of digital media developments that we hope will put Travelwhere at the forefront of specialist holiday planning.

“I’m sure operators who want better leads, greater brand awareness and advertising reach will quickly recognise the benefits of being featured in this breakthrough search marketing site.”

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