Travo Summit 2016: Emotional marketing will help firms stand out online

Travo Summit 2016: Emotional marketing will help firms stand out online

Travel firms using video marketing need to play on people’s emotions in order to stand out from the “blizzard of content” available online, last week’s Travolution Summit heard.

Dan Best, managing director of client development at marketing specialists Unruly, gave seven “rules” for firms to keep in mind when launching digital marketing campaigns.

Click through rates, he added, have dropped from 2.4% in 2002 to 0.2% in 2015 as browsers tackle the “whack-a-mole” style pop-up adverts busily populating computer, mobile and tablet screens.

1: Keep it simple

Best said online adverts need to know what their content intends to deliver and not over-complicate the message.

2: Credibility

Using the example of the successful ‘baby poo face’ Pampers nappy ad, he said it is easy to produce a high volume of video content but sometimes a simple, credible message that people can relate to people and encourage shares.

3: Make an emotional connection.

Delegates were shown a Expedia advert where the firm used 360° camera technology to bring a travel experience to a hospital-bound young girl with a passion for horses by making her feel like she was among the animals.

There were some tears in the room as he explained that more emotional driven content can command people’s attention for longer periods of time.

4: Make it personal.

Content has to be personalised and relevant to the viewer if they are going to watch it through and share it with friends.

5: Mobile is master.

Videos need to be available in the correct format for smart phone users as the platform continues to grow and grow, Best said.

6: Don’t make marketing obvious

People who share videos do so because the content is good. Contrary to some theories, it doesn’t need to be funny, or sexualised. The only people who share marketing content is the people who are marketing it.

7: Test it and learn.

Best said that copycat content is usually “rubbish” and the videos that inspire people to share them are new creative ideas. “It’s about always being ready,” he said, “and having the right creative partners to deliver the content.”

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