STA launches iPhone ‘stickers’ for mobile app users

STA launches iPhone ‘stickers’ for mobile app users

STA is hoping to tap into the “next generation” travellers by creating a ‘sticker’ for iPhone users to share where they’ve been on holiday.

The travel agent has created 45 of the stickers which are available to Apple iMessage users on the iOS 10 operating system who have also downloaded the STA Travel app.

STA says it has “got the world covered” with images including Aussie flip-flops and a BBQ, a South American llama and London phone box. Plus.

“There’s even a redhead in the mix (finally!),” the press release proudly adds.

STA Chief executive John Constable said: “How do you share your adventure, when there’s not enough words to do it justice? The way young people communicate today is changing. They express themselves through photos and animation.

“Our new stickers let young people tell their story at the touch of a button, and get on with exploring the globe.”

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