Riut introduces smartphone, tablet and laptop compartments in latest anti-thief bag

Riut introduces smartphone, tablet and laptop compartments in latest anti-thief bag

Smartphone, tablet and laptop compartments have been introduced as new features of an anti-theft travel bag in its latest model.

The RiutBag is a backpack with no outer zips, designed for the city commuter, frequent international traveller, urban native and digital nomad who need to keep their high value gadgets safe.

Other new features – introduced off the back of user feedback – include a wider top pocket, a trolley suitcase strap, redesigned and Lycra-made colour reflective bands and detachable chest straps.

The new ‘D-pocket’ is designed to hold smartphones, as well as train tickets, keys and passports and access them without removing your bag.

Its top pocket is now wider and inside compartments are designed to hold laptops and tablets.

There is also now the option to have the bag in navy blue as well as its classic black design.


Creator Sarah Giblin said: “With today’s city commuter, international jet-setter and urban traveller carrying an arsenal of valuable tech it’s paramount to keep them safe from thieves and protect them from the vagaries of everyday life.”

She said a recent Riutbag survey found 63% of commuters carry belongings  worth up to £1000 and more.

“The new improved R10 and R15 are truly the modern day backpack for the digital nomad and globe-trotter,” added Giblin.

Riut bags are made from waterproof nylon Cordura and the changes have been made on the 10-litre R10 and the 15-litre R15 models, which both use waterproof Thermoplastic polyurethane in the base.

They have attachable RiutBands in four colours – red, blue, green and pink.

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