Routehappy announces Sabre content tie-up

Routehappy announces Sabre content tie-up

Agents have been promised a quick and easy way to access airline products to sell to travellers after a leading travel technology firm signed a deal with a flight shopping content platform.

Merchandising content platform Routehappy has announced that global distribution system Sabre’s airline content will be made available over its hub.

It hopes the deal will make Routehappy Hub a primary source for agents when shopping, checking for availability, and pricing branded fares in the new Sabre Red platform.

The firms say the technology agreement is a solution for travel consultants who need more relevant information to help them advise travelers on the range of airline amenities and products.

Using “visually descriptive merchandising content”, its intention is to help travel consultants find relevant options for consumers and help airlines upsell their products while they focus on fare differentiation.

“With the integration of Routehappy Hub as a capability in our agency platform we are driving dynamic traveller-first merchandising, helping our airline customers to unlock higher revenue in their merchandising strategy,” said Wade Jones, senior vice president of marketing at Sabre Travel Network.

“Traveler expectations have evolved to where they are looking for complete information about their travel experience and these expectations are shaping airline merchandising and agency retailing. Our collaboration with Routehappy makes it easy for airlines worldwide to provide their depth and breadth of travel services and amenities in the Sabre travel marketplace.”

Robert Albert, chief executive at Routehappy, said: “It’s a new era for airlines and distributors, collaborating to integrate relevant merchandising content to create more value in-flight shopping. Sabre, Routehappy and airlines are turning differentiation content into incremental revenue and more satisfied customers for airlines.”

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