Travo@10: Criteo profile

Travo@10: Criteo profile

Criteo is a Nasdaq-listed company that has developed a world-leading, sophisticated performance advertising solution, delivering personalised performance marketing at scale.

For over 10,000 advertisers around the world, Criteo delivers hundreds of thousands of ads every second – each tailored to user interests, behaviours and intent in order to maximise relevance and conversions.

Advanced-machine learning enables the Criteo engine to choose the right audience and publisher for each ad; display the most relevant deals, products or travel destinations; and optimise the look and feel of the creatives for performance.

For travel advertisers, Criteo technology provides a single view of each traveller’s behaviour across all devices, delivering relevant ads throughout the booking journey. It can also optimise advertiser spend toward the most lucrative travellers – such as those seeking longer stays or booking for multiple people.

In the age of the multi-screen consumer, Criteo ads target users across all devices and channels – from mobile web and apps to email and Facebook – and link advertisers direct to 10,000 publishers and leading advertising exchanges.

The Criteo platform offers access to one billion unique users and hundreds of billions of dollars of sales data every year.

Based in Paris and New York, Criteo employs 1,700 people in 27 offices around the globe.

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