New ADARA analytics tool launched to help destinations assess impact of websites

New ADARA analytics tool launched to help destinations assess impact of websites

Travel data aggregator ADARA has launched a new analytics tool to help marketers measure the influence their websites have on purchases.

Site Impact, the new software, is being rolled out to destination marketing organisations and tourism board customers to give them increased traveller intelligence.

It has already been trialled at Bloomington Minnesota’s Convention and Visitors Bureau to help it gain knowledge of its high-value travellers, how they book and spend and identify opportunities to increase market share and visitation.

The website – – was able to attribute $315,000 in hotel revenue and nearly 1,200 bookings between May and June this year as a direct result of added inbound traffic.

By analysing the 6.8 million searches over a year, Site Impact helped the Bloomington understand its website averaged 1.5 to 2 weeks searching for travel online, that flights were booked an average of 1.5 months out while hotels were typically booked 3.5 weeks in advance.

This suggested the online marketing “sweet spot” for the website is two months ahead of travel.

It also found that 62% of visitors booked a hotel through the site within three days, that 56% of those searching and booking travel during the period were booking leisure trips while 44% were booking business and that 66% were female and 34% male.

For trips booked during the period, the hotel Average Daily Rate (ADR) was $152 per room booked.

Scott Garner, president of data and analytics at ADARA, said: “Site Impact offers unique insights into booking behaviour across the traveller ecosystem to understand how the destination website influences the destination’s visitors – and help optimize revenue and generate higher return on investment.”

Jessica Schultz, who leads integrated strategy for Bloomington, said: “The ADARA solution helps us better understand the active traveler and the effect paid media and the destination website have on the entire booking process, allowing us data and insight to inform smarter marketing decisions.”

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