How the iPhone 7 is better for holidaymakers, and what could be improved

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Martin Smith, founder of and new camping app Campmate, explains why the new iPhone 7 is good for holidaymakers but says there are more inventive ways the trend-setting smartphone could have appealed to travellers.

iPhone 7 improvements that should make holidaymakers ‘i-appy’

1. Smartphones have transformed how we take photos, but most still perform poorly in low-light conditions.

The iPhone team look to have taken a big step forward by including four LED flashes to allow 50% more light onto the lens.

The Plus version of the iPhone has a dual lens – one for wide angles and the other a telephoto lens for better a better quality zoom.

Both developments mean even better holiday snaps, and the new model iPhone has plenty of extra space for storing them – up to 256gb on the top-end model.

2. Battery technology keeps getting better and the iPhone 7 will last for up to 14 hours – two hours longer than the previous version.

Good news for travellers who spend the day away from a power source (but it could be even better – see the blue-sky thinking ideas below).

3. When we’re out exploring the phone is bound to get a bashing, so Apple has cranked up the durability of iPhone 7.

There’s an extra tough screen, improved water and dust resistance, and the home button has been replaced by a pressure sensor that is flush to the device, so no more worries about sand getting into the gaps.

Martin’s three improvements that could have made iPhone 7 even better for travellers

1. iPhone 7’s battery is the best yet, but it would be so much better if the phone charged by simply being left out in the sun.

The solar option is less messy than another technology being worked on by boffins – pee powered batteries!

2. Fingerprint readers are great for smartphone security but a pain when hands are wet, sweaty or grubby, so an iris scanner would maintain the same high levels of protection and eliminate the problem of undetectable prints.

3. This one sounds low-tech, but it could be the most amazing development for intrepid explorers (or barbecue chefs).

Why not integrate a section of fire steel into the phone’s casing? On the one hand it would look earthy cool, on the other the phone owner can grab a stone and strike it for sparks to start their blaze.

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