TripAdvisor offers ‘search and book’ widget and attraction videos

TripAdvisor offers ‘search and book’ widget and attraction videos

A ‘search and book’ widget and attraction videos are being added to the TripAdvisor website as part of a revamp.

The main focus is on a redesign of the company’s homepage with new enhancements to help book attractions, tours and activities.

The changes come as TripAdvisor claimed a 150% increase in attract and tour bookings so far this year following a 63% increase in the number of attractions listings.

The new Things to Do widget built into the updated homepage enables users to enter their destination to discover local experiences that can be booked independently, or be added to their hotel, holiday rental, restaurant or flight booking.

TripAdvisor is has also started accepting discount codes on the site from ravel experiences subsidiary, Viator.

Jeff Chow, vice president of product, attractions at TripAdvisor, said: “We’re committed to improving the end-to-end planning, booking and in-destination travel experience for our users.

“The tours and attractions industry has been making amazing progress in recent years, moving towards adopting the digital and mobile ways consumers book travel.

“Our goal is to accelerate this transition by delivering a world full of local travel experiences to our users, instantly bookable on a smartphone, tablet or desktop using TripAdvisor.

“Giving travellers easy access to an authentic Italian cooking class in Rome, a thrilling helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon and a guided tour of Sydney’s iconic Opera House is just as important as helping them book their lodging or a flight.”

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