Evidence of social success ‘excites’ Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook has credited a social media campaign and website upgrade in March with an immediate 19% increase in package holiday bookings.

The operator’s social media manager, Alex Embery, told Information Age that the campaign epitomised how the firm was becoming excited about the potential of social media.

The campaign ran for three months and featured a photographic competition on Facebook to win a £20,000 holiday and Youtube videos featuring staff lip-synching to Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World.

It coincided with the brand’s most recent television advertising campaign featuring the song.

Embery said the campaign and the improvements to the website prompted the 19% increase in bookings in the four weeks after it debuted.

He said Cook uses cloud-based social monitoring tool Wildfire to assess the impact of its presence in Facebook and its marketing and promotions.

“Social gives us great data to improve our customer service interactions and inform our own proposition development,” Embery told Information Age.

“Our vision is a differentiated and improved Thomas Cook experience across online and offline touch points for our social connections, and right now, driving engagement is a big part of the steps we are taking to make that happen.

“The business is becoming more excited by social. Social is constantly presenting new ways and opportunities to engage with customers, and they’re one we don’t intend to miss.”

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