National Express teams up with SilverRail to drive direct online sales

National Express teams up with SilverRail to drive direct online sales

Software as a service technology firm SilverRail is to help National Express Group-owned rail franchise c2c drive more direct online sales.

SilverRail will provide the functionality for customer sales, from journey planning to ticketing, underpinned by its multi-channel ticketing issuing system (TIS).

This allows c2c to control all customer ‘touch points’ including the franchise’s website, mobile site, app layers, ticket vending machine interfaces and to adapt to new emerging channels.

SilverRail will provide the digital foundations for the Essex to the City of London rail operator’s retailing activity, enabling c2c to build a unified customer experience of searching, booking and fulfilment across all of its sales and support channels.

SilverRail’s foundation is an ‘open’ technology designed to work with other technology suppliers, allowing c2c to deal with digital design agencies, CRM, yield campaign management tools and ticket vending machines.

National Express UK IT director, Debbie O’Shea, said: “As an industry, UK train companies have traditionally struggled with shifting significant numbers of customers to use their own direct online channels.

“National Express Group is succeeding in delivering this kind of channel shift in other operating areas within our business, so through our partnership with SilverRail we aim to repeat this success in the rail industry.”

Clare McCaffrey, commercial director at c2c, added: “We know there is a real appetite among many customers to use modern and simpler purchasing methods if they are given the right tools and incentives to do so and, in working with SilverRail, that is exactly what we intend to deliver.”

David Pitt, head of UK at SilverRail, said: “Our cross continent experience in rail ticketing and journey search will be available at every level and with c2c’s overwhelming desire to give its customers the best experience all-round, this will prove to be a very exciting association.

“SilverRail’s ethos is simply to give rail customers what they deserve.  This requires a technical step change and we are delighted to be leading the way alongside c2c and its other chosen partners.”


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