VizEat ties up partnership with FairFX for travellers seeking unique experiences

VizEat ties up partnership with FairFX for travellers seeking unique experiences

European social dining network VizEat has struck a partnership with holiday money provider FairFX.

The firms said the tie-up will “offer customers access to unique experiences while getting the best value for money when they travel overseas”.

Under the agreement, Vizeat will offer FairFX customers a discount to enjoy an authentic culinary experience with local hosts, such as a shared meal, a food tour or a cooking class. A

Vizeat customers will be able to access preferential exchanges rates and FairFX prepaid currency card offers.

Customer experience will also be improved through shared tips and advice for all aspects of their holiday.

Ian Strafford-Taylor, chief executive of travel money firm FairFX, said: “The new partnership will appeal to consumers who actively seek out authentic travel experiences.

“VizEat helps people to quickly weed out the tourist-traps – the inauthentic, expensive restaurants invariably located in tourist hotspots.

“We’re excited to give our customers access to unforgettable and authentic travel moments through this partnership while at the same time introducing new customers to the cost-saving benefits and convenience of a prepaid currency card.”

Vizeat co-founder Jean-Michel Petit added: “We are delighted to partner with FairFX. We believe that the dining table is the original social network and VizEat connects travellers with authentic culinary experiences.

“By working with FairFX we’re able to offer more travellers the opportunity to make the most of their holidays by meeting and eating with locals, facilitating new friendships and creating lasting memories.”

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