Hotel Tonight adds personal recommendations to popular app

Hotel Tonight has added personalised recommendations to the latest version of its app released this week.

The iOS and Android app allows users to book a hotel for that night at up to 70% off the hotel’s own online rate. It originally launched in the US 18 months ago and expanded to the UK this summer. Users are given a choice of three deals which become available at noon each day. The hotels are split into categories such as basic, luxe and hip.

The company has now added a new element which offers users suggestions of hotels close by and personalised recommendations based on their previous choices. Travellers will also be able to view ratings from other Hotel Tonight users.

Co-founder Jared Simon said: “Same day booking is a huge industry but we felt there was a gap to fill. We knew there was a need for people whose plans had changed and they needed a hotel, but they weren’t in front of a computer.

“We have had three million downloads in a year and a half, and have become the second most visited travel/hotel app next to Kayak.”

The company has plans to launch across Europe.


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