users give new homepage and booking process a test drive

British Airways has started a beta test on a new homepage and flight booking process.

The carrier said it is testing new technology to deliver a smoother and simpler booking experience and ensure a consistent approach across devices.

Most customers will continue to use the old website, but others will be invited to test drive the new version of the homepage and flight booking process.

Initially, the invited customers will be able to test the new end-to-end search and booking flow on a range of short-haul flights, with more flights and features to be added in the coming months.

Sara Dunham, British Airways’ head of marketing and direct, said: “This is a significant milestone in our continuing work to make better, simpler and more intuitive for our customers.

“To make sure we are getting it right for our customers, we have selected at random a small group of them who will be offered the opportunity to opt in to experience the new beta home page, and we will use their feedback to further develop and fine tune the experience for future customers.

“Building on our long history of innovation, we continually look to improve by adding in extra functionality, more options and a great user experience, allowing British Airways’ digital presence to maintain its lead with the very best premium brands.”

BA said its re-designed home page offer a new “app-like experience” and actively adapts to fill the screen by changing the size and resolution of its elements.

It has been designed to give customers better visibility of savings when combining flights with hotels or car hire, as well as the airline’s range of fares, including Basic, Plus or Plus Flex tickets.

The payment page has also been made simpler and easier to complete, with name and payment details pre-populated for Executive Club or logged-in users who’ve chosen to store them in their accounts.

A shopping basket allows users to easily change their search at any stage in the process, rather than going back to the start.

Additional new features will be added during the course of the beta trial to provide customers with even more booking options.

Customer feedback from the trial will be captured, reviewed and then influence future developments on is viewed by over half a million unique users every day, using it to inspire, plan, and manage their trips around the world.

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