US firm Genares partners with SiteMinder

US hotel reservations company Genares is to use SiteMinder’s real time Room Distribution Exchange (RDX) to gain direct, two-way connectivity with the world’s leading booking sites.

The platform allows Genares to offer its own fully branded and supportable distribution product that delivers automated, two-way connectivity between hundreds of the world’s leading online booking sites and its own central reservation system.

SiteMinder global sales and marketing executive director David Williams said: “With the rapid evolution in technology for high-volume transaction systems, RDX is uniquely positioned to offer Genares’ clients an affordable, robust and scalable distribution platform.

“Through RDX, technology companies gain extensive two-way access to a direct distribution network as well as plugging a major product gap.

“The huge benefit for a company like Genares is that, with RDX, they maintain the full relationship with their hotel customers and Genares has all the tools needed to provide crisp and efficient support services without being reliant on a third party company.”

He claimed: “Through RDX, our technology partners such as Genares gain a competitive advantage by removing the high-cost of building and maintaining a complex distribution network. Our partners can deliver added value to their hotel client relationships by plugging into RDX.”

Genares technology director Brad Smithart, said: “Genares chose to partner with SiteMinder because of their ability to integrate well with other products, the tools they provide to easily manage and review the status of individual booking channels, and their knowledgeable and responsive technical and management teams.”

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