Travolution Summit workshops offer insight into digital skills, going global, optimisation and content marketing

The four Workshops at this year’s Summit have been confirmed offering delegates insight into the impact of automation, internationalising their businesses, conversion optimisation and content marketing.

The day-long Summit on September 26, will run workshops twice during the event, with delegates asked to opt for which one they want to attend.

Topics and workshop providers have been chosen specifically to tie in with mainstage sessions to give delegates further detail, insight and analysis into some of the key issues online travel firms face today.

When Technology Takes Over, What Jobs Are Left? by Tigerbay

This session, chaired by Tigerbay managing director Carl Morgan, and including travel technology industry experts, will discuss how technology affects the resource requirements within traditional travel businesses and how automation will impact on the career choices of future generations.


• David Jones, former chairman of Tigerbay and founder of Travelink and Tigerbay

• Ian Richardson, director/owner of ICE ICT, IT Services and Consultancy to the travel industry

• Ollie de le Vingne, project manager at Tigerbay, previously UK operations manager for Skiworld

Go Global Faster by SDL

Kevin Ashbridge, account director at SDL, will lead this session that will provide delegates with vital information on the often daunting prospect of breaking into overseas markets. He will look at the challenge of localising content for each language market and knowing cultural sensitivities, expectations and preferences.

Ashbridge will demonstrate how technology can now replace many slow, human-centric processes, speeding time to market and reducing costs and also reveal some futuristic technologies that will mean not just going global faster, but going global instantly.

A Travel How-to On Boosting Conversion Rates by Cloud IQ

Conversion rates in travel are notoriously low, usually in the low single figures, so much is to be gained from increasing conversion performance rather than focusing on further customer acquisition, particularly in a world of spiraling marketing costs.

This workshop by Cloud IQ will delve into the science of how a combination of machine learning, computational power, and artificial intelligence enabled conversion rate optimisation automation can achieve significant results at low cost. Cloud IQ will bring along a travel client to demonstrate this is not just theory but is working in practice.

Digital Marketing Masterclass by Melt Content

This workshop will complement the two mainstage marketing sessions from Google’s Nishma Robb and Unruly’s Dan Best, who will look at the role that quality content and distribution is playing in the success of travel firm’s marketing efforts.

With content, and particularly rich forms of content like video, set to play an increasingly important role for firms’ efforts to achieve search engine visibility and web presence, experts at Melt will provide delegates with best practice insight and practical tips they can take away and implement in their businesses immediately to ensure they are not losing ground on their rivals.

There is now just a month to go and places at the Summit are filling up fast. To secure yours, sign up here.

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