Amadeus touts GDS-plus offer as open-source switch nears completion

Amadeus unveiled its IT Consulting and Solutions division to representatives of 90 travel management companies and leisure travel agents in London on Friday as it seeks to move away from being solely a Global Distribution System (GDS).

Diane Bouzebiba, Amadeus UK and Ireland managing director, told the agents and TMCs: “We need to change from being a provider to a partner.

“The idea of Amadeus offering more than a GDS will seem strange to some. But we offer a chance to streamline processes, make efficiency gains and improve customer engagement.”

Amadeus is poised to announce details of a long-toured switch to an open-source operating system that has been years in preparation.

The company believes the move to an open-source system represents a step change, giving “infinite scalability” and “the ability to handle multi-channel applications”.

Bouzebiba said: “It has been a 12-year project to move to non-proprietary system. Our competitors have not undertaken this.”

She said: “We are 12-18 months from completion of the project.

“We believe we will start to see an increase in technology solutions based on open systems now we are fundamentally part of the community.”

Open-source systems use coding that is open for all to identify and use, and unprotected by patents.

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