On the Beach unveils holiday deals app for Apple TV

On the Beach unveils holiday deals app for Apple TV

Image via Hadrian / Shutterstock.com

A holiday deals app for Apple TV with a ‘book now’ function has been unveiled by On the Beach.

Users can search by month of departure, departure airport or multiple departure airports before results are displayed.

Customers can click each holiday on offer to reveal more information such as flight details, hotel description with images and customer reviews.

They can click a ‘book now’ button before using the Apple ‘handoff’ functionality, which enables people to switch to their iPhone or iPad device to complete the booking.

Users are then able to tailor their choice of holiday by changing flights and board basis along with add-ons such as baggage and transfers.

On the Beach chief marketing officer, Alistair Daly, said: “Sales via our app for iPhone, iPad and Android have been increasing each year and this new Apple TV app will make it even easier for people to plan and book their next holiday.”

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