TTI Autumn: Cloud based telephony promises travel clients a truly personalised service

Cloud-based call centre analytics technology can bring cost savings of up to 20% on paid search budgets, the Travel Technology Initiative Autumn conference was told today.

Simon Beeching, director of Syntec Telecom, told delegates the latest systems can provide full reporting of where customers have come from and what keywords have prompted their call.

He said this is opening up the possibility of firms offering customers a dynamic personalised experience when they call, tailored to their customer history and current search activity.

“The call centre agent can start treating the caller as an individual,” he said. “It’s a fairly small step from there to a totally individual dynamic caller treatment.

“You could be playing different messages on hold or you could be routing the call to the right department for that holiday or destination.”

Beeching said monitoring customer activity on websites prior to them making the call can ensure the efficacy of all marketing activity is tracked and return on investment measured.

However, Beeching said a surprising number of firms are still not using this technology.

“You can measure very effectively your marketing and return on investment. You can see in real time what that customer has done on your website before they ring you up.

“One of our customers has seen savings of up to 20% on their PPC budgets. Telecoms is about a new generation of doing business.

“It’s all about cost savings and efficiencies. Those are some of the key deliverables. It has all the benefits of being fast to implement, very flexible, capex free and outsourced.”

As well as analytics Beeching said the other advantages of hosted cloud-based telecoms systems are that they are PCI compliant for taking online payments and offer call management.

This means firms that use them do not have the hassle of having to operate a ‘clean’ call centre to comply with data protection laws and can oversee virtual call centres as well as homeworkers.

Multi-tenancy calls management systems also have the advantage of being developed by a third party making them more efficient, although Beeching said firms may require a bespoke element.

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