Start-up aims to take the hassle out of Airbnb for hosts

Start-up aims to take the hassle out of Airbnb for hosts

Start-up firm hopes to enable more people to become Airbnb hosts.

The business launches its service today in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, with others to follow.

It provides a set of services, online and offline, to enable home owners and frequent travellers to make extra income when away from home.

The company says it will taking care of listings, adjusting prices to achieve an optimal rental income, communicating with guests, while also providing a set of offline services such as housekeeping, key handover or laundry service.

GuestReady also claims to be able to guarantee a higher rental income compared to letting the property long-term, when all costs are considered.

The firm estimates a one-bedroom apartment in central London can bring in around £150 a night, which at an occupancy rate of 80% translates into £3,600 per month.

London-based chief executive, Alexander Limpert, said: “The world is becoming ever more mobile, and while there is a rising demand for accommodation from incoming travellers, there is also a rising number of unoccupied apartments due to homeowners being out of town.

“If we can enable travelling homeowners to become Airbnb hosts, while providing them peace of mind during their absence, we have a very compelling proposition and rapidly growing market to serve.”

He added: “We are using our IT system and standardised management processes to ensure the same quality standards globally.

“However, it is equally important to deliver excellent offline services to guests in order to fulfil our value proposition, which is why my co-founders and I are spread across the globe to build up local teams.”

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