UK beaches 4G top and bottom of the pops revealed by Insurance2Go

UK beaches 4G top and bottom of the pops revealed by Insurance2Go

Mobile phone insurer Insurance2Go has revealed which UK beaches are the best and worst for Instagram addicts based on 4G connection.

The firm analysed Ofcom data to come up with the lists which reveals that Wales may be the best place to head for a spot of digital detox.

In terms of mobile networks the best beach 4G provider was EE, followed by Vodafone and o2. Three trailed behind in a pretty distant last place.

Gary Beeston, managing director of Insurance2go, said: “We know how much importance people place on their phone images, and with the summer being the perfect time to photograph your memories, we wanted to make sure visitors to the coast choose the best beaches possible.

“The research clearly highlights Wales as a bit of a black hole for 4G signal, but at least visitors will now be prepared for the ‘failed to upload’ messages during their trip.”

The 10 UK Beaches with the best 4G signal in the UK were:

1. Studland Bay, Dorset
2. Portstewart Strand, Northern Ireland
3. Porthminster Beach, Cornwall
4. Hengistbury Head, Dorset
5. Crosby Beach, Merseyside
6. St Anne’s Beach, Lancashire
7. Cleethorpes Beach, Lincolnshire
8. Whiterocks Beach, Northern Ireland
9. Portobello, Scotland
10. West Wittering, West Sussex

And the worst:

1. Barafundle Bay, Wales
2. Silecroft Beach, Cumbria
3. Porthcurno, Cornwall
4. Blackpool Sands, Devon
5. Sandwood Bay Beach, Scotland
6. Luskentyre, Scotland
7. Marloes Sands, Wales
8. Rhossili Beach, Wales
9. Barmouth Beach, Wales
10. Whitesands Bay, Wales

Insurance2go has also created a top tips guide to taking the perfect beach pictures on your phone

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