First Pokémon GO digital master crowned with a little help from Marriott

First Pokémon GO digital master crowned with a little help from Marriott

Pokémon GO is the online social gaming phenomenon everyone wants to be associated with and hotel giant Marriott had achieved that thanks to its loyalty programme.

Brooklyn-based Nick Johnson teamed up with Marriott Rewards to scour the earth for the virtual creatures to become the first person to catch all of them internationally.

The points enabled him to travel to the likes of Paris, Hong Kong and Sydney on his two-week adventure.

He began his trip with a stay at the Renaissance Arc de Triomphe Hotel in Paris to capture Mr Mime, a character exclusive to Europe, and continued on to Hong Kong and Sydney last week.

On arrival at the Renaissance Arc de Triomphe, Nick and his girlfriend were greeted by a mascot Pikachu: “As a passionate Pokémon player, I was very surprised and excited to be greeted by Pikachu. He wished us good luck and motivated us to set off on our quest for the day,” he said.

Marriott Rewards, which has its European head office in London, helped Nick pursue his passion for Pokémon throughout his journey: “I received Marriott Rewards points that I used to book my hotel stays, making my travel experience easier and less stressful, which is great considering we’re doing a lot of travelling,” Johnson said.

Johnson shared his Pokémon GO journey on social networks Snapchat under the name @nja212 and Twitter as @NLJ_1.

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