Routehappy launched pay-as-you-go option for Scores and Amenities feature

Routehappy launched pay-as-you-go option for Scores and Amenities feature

Airfare merchandising platform Routehappy has launched a new pay-as-you-go service for its Scores and Amenities feature.

The firm says the new development offers partners a more flexible way to integrate, test and pay for the service.

Routehappy said Scores and Amenities Pay-as-you-go will give smaller sites an instant, cost-effective way to integrate and pay while allowing larger, established sites the opportunity to test Scores and Amenities for large-scale applications, only paying for what they use by credit card.

Routehappy’s Scores and Amenities users include Expedia, Google, Kayak, Skyscanner, Sabre, Egencia, Travix and Dnata and was previously only available on a custom subscription basis.

Robert Albert, chief executive of Routehappy, said: “Since we started distributing Scores & Amenities, both smaller and larger sites have asked us for smaller-scale API access than we were able to accommodate given the high demand.

“Differentiation content should be accessible to everyone in flight shopping, so we’re proud to extend our Scores & Amenities API to users of all sizes and use cases.”

Scores & Amenities has been recently upgraded and includes:

• Amenities by specific flight and cabin
• Unbiased, data-driven flight ratings
• Aircraft, seat, layout, Wi-Fi, entertainment, power, fresh food
• Relative duration compared to fastest on route
• Focus on 260+ airlines (85% of global flights)
• 24 language translations
• Multi-segment amenity summaries
• Scores by itinerary, leg and segment
• High performance API

Scores & Amenities Pay-as-you-go subscription option includes:

• US $.01 per query
• US $100 monthly minimum
• Pay via credit card
• Billed monthly
• Cancel anytime
• Up to 150 legs / query

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