Net Effect launches ‘Pinterest for travel’

Net Effect launches ‘Pinterest for travel’

Net Effect, which supplies searchable websites to travel agents, has launched a Pinterest-inspired website for travel firms to use to promote their products to customers. uses the same ‘pinboard’ dynamic that has projected Pinterest to prominence with users able to collate images from around the web to construct their ideal trip.

They can share this with other users and fellow travellers on their mytripwall ‘pinboards’ and on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

The saved images link back to the original web page it was found on allowing users to save searches for all the components of a trip including flights, accommodation, restaurants and attractions.

For travel businesses and agents mytripwall allows them to create a profile through which they can curate their own content and share it more effectively with the user network. said the service differs from Pinterest in two significant ways.

Companies involved in services related to trips can sign up to a professional profile including about us information and contact phone, website and email details against every post so that users can easily interact if they find a post useful.

Secondly independent travel agents with a professional profile can invite their clients to use The invitation automatically links the professional agent with their client.

Posts and boards collated by clients for their holidays can be automatically emailed to their preferred travel advisor from within

Steve Rushton, co-founder of Net Effect, said: “the benefits to this are a closer connection between agent and client and a fuller brief to the agent. Gone are the days that the agent has to guess which sites their client has visited.

“Instead, the agent automatically benefits from the customers fuller brief allowing them to understand better the client needs and budget leading to a quicker and more accurate solution.”

Rushton said the concept of mytripwall was inspired by research that shows 90% of travellers start their search for a holiday online and carry out up to 20 different searches before purchasing.

Mytripwall is is free to use for all users and professional profiles are free to all companies and agents using software provided by Net Effect.

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