Lowcostholidays unveils ‘Top 10 destinations’ Facebook app

Lowcostholidays has launched an app utilising the ‘Were Here’ feature on Facebook to produce a Top 10 Destinations board.

The app was developed by Betapond, which claims it is the first to use Facebook’s ‘Were Here’ API to measure the most-visited and talked-about destinations on the social media site.

The app uses location-based data on Facebook check-ins, tagged people, photos and albums.

It will provide a leader board of the most-popular destinations for different categories such as the top 10 clubbing holidays or couples holidays, helping users find or avoid the most popular places on Facebook.

The app will also show whether a user’s friends have visited a destination.

Having accessed the app, users can connect to a landing page at lowcostholidays.com if they want to book.

Betapond argues that by using the ‘Were Here’ API the app draws from a much larger source of Facebook data.

It suggests that an attraction such as London’s O2 Arena, which is on the Love UK Top 50 leader board and has 170,000 Facebook check-ins, would have closer to 400,000 by using ‘Were Here’.

Lowcostholidays.com chief operating officer Lawrence Hunt said: “We’re excited to be the first company to launch this innovative app using Facebook functionality and believe it will become a valuable tool to drive new holiday bookings.”

Justin Reid, Betapond director of destination marketing, said: “The data that can be extracted from Facebook via tools such as ‘Were Here’ is going to be increasingly important.

“This new app is a powerful tool for lowcostholidays.com to connect with its Facebook audience, but it is also an indicator of the potential value in this data for destinations.

“Combine the number of mobile check-ins, people tags and photo location tags with your existing Facebook audience and you start to see how it is possible to extract a return on investment from a Facebook marketing strategy.”

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