Amadeus expands data centre to facilitate growth

Growth in its airline IT business has prompted Amadeus to invest €10 million on a new annexe at its Erding data centre.

The German facility near Munich was built 24 years ago and is the heart of the GDS housing its enormous data processing hardware in a secure facility.

The new ‘energy annexe’ covering 1,500 square metres is an extension to the original structure and will double the data centre’s power and cooling capability.

Amadeus said the new facility was built “following a number of significant new customer wins and migrations for its airline IT business and also the launch of its new businesses portfolio which covers the travel sectors of rail, hotel and, most recently, airport IT”.

Eberhard Haag, executive vice president, global operations, at Amadeus said: “In recent years Amadeus has seen inexorable growth in its airline IT business, winning new Altéa customers from all over the world.

“Furthermore, following the launch of our new businesses portfolio we felt it prudent to take steps to increase and invest in not only new hardware but also the infrastructure to house it efficiently.

“We also want to prepare the ground for future innovation in terms of new products and services.

“We are mindful, as any business should be, of our carbon footprint and to this end our continued responsibility to both the industry and the environment more generally.

“In line with this, the new annexe will provide clear environmental gains, as our cooling and energy processes become even more energy-efficient”.

Amadeus expects the new annexe to have a lifespan of approximately ten years and will support its existing strategy of virtualising storage, servers, applications and cloud computing where relevant.

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