Travelport summons up spirit of Jeremy Beadle to promote Smartpoint app

Travelport has released the latest in a series of You’ve Been Framed/Olympics-inspired Youtube clips to promote its Smartpoint app to travel agents.

The latest features what appears to be four office workers rowing backwards on office chairs before inadvertently knocking a maintenance worker off a ladder and out of a window.

The Smartpoint app is a software upgrade for agents’ Galileo and Apollo desktop which Travelport says increases efficiency by reducing the number of keystrokes agents need to make.

The GDS claims it reduces call handling times and keystrokes when making booking by 15% and up to 72% when searching for the best fare.

The Smartpoint product has been designed to move agents away from the more cryptic green screens of old and onto a more user-friendly graphical interface.

This will reduce training costs and Smartpoint integrates with all GDS languages.

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