WTM – Web still behind the High Street

Internet travel sites have to get better at replicating the high-street retail experience, according to Amadeus multi-national customer group vice-president Gillian Gibson.

Gibson cited figures claiming 70% of high-street customers are happy with their retail experience compared to only 26% online, while online travel firms fail to convert 97% of clients.

She highlighted Amazon as an online retailer that has embraced the high-street’s good experience and maximised margins.

“It’s time we went back to basics,” Gibson said.

“On the high street consumers make up their mind within 11.5 seconds and we must make sure they also do that on the web.”

She showed prototype slides of technology Amadeus is currently developing to help sites recreate the high-street shopping experience.

Gibson claimed the system would improve the customer experience, while at the same time improving margins as its search results aren’t based on the lowest fare.

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