DoSomethingDifferent products to be sold worldwide by Travel Counsellors

Travel Counsellors has made DoSomethingDifferent’s products available to its 1,200 agents worldwide via its in-house selling system.

The company has integrated the experience and attraction specialist into its in-house dynamic packaging system Phenix via XML, giving all Travel Counsellors’ agents in the Netherlands, South Africa, Australia and Canada access to DoSomethingDifferent’s products. Previously, DoSomethingDifferent has only been sold by its agents in the UK and Ireland.

Travel Counsellors commercial director Kirsten Hughes said: “We have always provided DoSomethingDifferent’s products to our (UK and Ireland) agents but the integration into our own system means that we are able to take these products to our Travel Counsellors in our overseas operations electronically and totally seamlessly, strengthening our global presence and buying power while giving them a wider and more accessible product range to offer customers.”

The Phenix system has recently been updated to allow Travel Counsellors to search for products based on agent feedback and reviews by agents and customers. The amount of information on properties and destinations has also been increased, wtih online destination guides, videos, downloadable fact sheets plus weather and climate details. Attractions can now be filtered by name, price and category on the system.

DoSomethingDifferent sales manager Lee Burns said: “Travel Counsellors is one of our leading travel agent partners and has supported us during our recent growth so this integration will further strengthen our relationship. Our product will now be reaching agents across the world.”

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