Skypicker promises the lowest fares as it enters UK market

European ultra-low-cost air tickets search engine Skypicker has expanded operations to include the UK.

The website promises to find the cheapest air fares for customers who are not bothered by the number of transfers or the amount of time they spend in transfer.

Skypicker said it expect to be used by millions of people, particularly those on a budget but with plenty of time like backpackers.

Oliver Dlouhý, founder of Skypicker said: “Our typical user wants to discover new and exciting places and is likely to have all the time in the world to get around,”

“Unlike other search engines, Skypicker scours the market for connecting flights. It’s the process of combining the discount offers from various low-cost airlines that makes the final price of the whole trip as cheap as possible.

“Skypicker aims to become the number one low-cost European travel search engine in this market in the next three years and because of our user-friendly website, we believe this is a more than realistic goal.”

Skypicker clams its results deliver flights for between €10 and €50 but they can be as low as €5 and can be booked on the site which is now available in eight languages.

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