ViewRanger adds Greek islands to mobile GPS app

GPS and travel guide app ViewRanger has added to its scope with topographic maps for all of the Greek islands.

Available for iPhone, Android and Symbian, the app enables travellers to create a travel-log, recording the track and geo-tagging their photographs as they walk. This can be shared later with family and friends on Facebook.

ViewRanger marketing manager Ian Pond said: “There are many walking guides to the Greek Islands, but access to detailed maps has made it difficult to use them with confidence as the region is often mountainous and sparsely populated.

“ViewRanger provides reassurance for walkers, allowing you to download a quality map on to your phone before you set off and the GPS function allows you to see your location at all times. With ViewRanger both the map and GPS feature will work without the need for a mobile phone signal.

“Many of the guidebooks are written by ex-pat Brits and Germans and are often difficult to obtain on the more remote islands. If you have found some routes you may want to follow, you can always mark them on to the relevant ViewRanger map before you go and annotate it with instructions using the tools available at”

A spokesperson for the Greek Tourist Board welcomed ViewRanger’s initiative, saying: “We want to reassure [people], that as a tourism destination Greece remains very much open for business as usual.

“Despite the situation we find ourselves in today, none of the above has changed. Greece continues to represent a wonderful destination, offering a wide variety of holidays at great value for money.”

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