BA augments Perfect Days socmed service with iPhone app

BA augments Perfect Days socmed service with iPhone app

British Airways has launched a new personalised travel guides app to allow its customers to share their own experiences.

The Perfect Day iPhone app integrates with the Facebook page of the same name that was launched last year.

BA customers can now create and share their own itineraries while on the move, upload pictures, and geo-locate information using Google Maps.

Perfect Days itineraries with the most likes are highlighted by the app and friends can arrange to meet up with a ‘Meet Me’ pin function using SMS to identify the exact location.

Richard Bowden, British Airways’ digital marketing innovation manager, said: “We’ve taken the Perfect Days social media service a step further by providing an intuitive smartphone app.

This enables customers to instantly view, capture and share their insider knowledge and travel trips about their favourite places, while they’re in-destination.

“Creating an iPhone app that’s integrated with Facebook, ensures creating a Perfect Day is easy and irresistible to share with friends and inspire fellow travellers.”

The iPhone app can be used offline and customers can save the cost of uploading data by opting to update the Facebook page when they want.

Destinations currently covered include Berlin, San Francisco, New York, Rome, Florida, the UK and the Caribbean.

British Airways worked with the 12th Floor technology agency and post-graduate students from London-based higher education institute Ravensbourne to develop the app.

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