to launch TV ad campaign

Comparison site will become the first meta-search engine in the UK to feature TV ads when it unveils a multi-million pound campaign in the new year.

Director Chris Nixon confirmed a series of commercials were in the production stage and would hit the screens in mid to late February.

Between £3m and £5m has been earmarked for the campaign.

In addition to driving sales in the peak booking season, Nixon said a key aim of the high-profile strategy is to develop brand awareness.

“The public can still be distrustful when it comes to the web and our battle is to get people to understand meta search engines, build brand awareness and develop that trust,” he said.

Nixon said the long term goal is to educate people that traditional search engines can be cut out of the search loop.

“Google delivers step one and throws up lists of sites but you still have to trawl through them,” he said. “And the problem is that prices change rapidly. You could search seven or eight sites and by the time you’ve finished, prices have changed.

“Meta search engines deliver real-time availability and pricing through one search.”

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