Sabre claims first after unveiling HD conference platform

Agents and meetings organisers will be able to book high-definition video conferences globally through a new system.

Sabre Virtual Meetings is claimed to be the world’s first global reservation system for video conferencing.

It eliminates the manual booking of video conferences with a cloud-based scheduling system for private and public rooms.

Sabre will initially unveil the virtual meeting platform to corporations and travel agencies through GetThere and the Sabre Red Workspace. This will make it available to more than 220,000 travel agents worldwide.

The system connects to multiple telecom and video conferencing providers to allow real-time shopping, live scheduling and confirmation simultaneously across different corporations and business units.

The technology will also be available to other travel and third-party distribution channels including global distribution systems, travel management companies, online booking tools, and directly on the internet.

Sabre has developed a new Virtual Meetings Red App for agencies that will be available through the newly-launched Sabre Red App Centre. Using the Red App, agencies can integrate Sabre Virtual Meetings into the Red Workspace, expanding the travel-related services they offer.

GetThere corporate customers will have access from September.

Sabre is working with Glowpoint to make its 45,000 privately-owned rooms available through the Sabre Virtual Meetings system.

Connections to Regus and similar providers have been secured so users can connect to private or public rooms for video conferencing.

Glowpoint president and chief executive Joseph Laezza said: “Sabre’s scheduling platform will mean a step change for the video conferencing industry.

“By incorporating video conferencing into the travel buying process and making it easy to schedule rooms, Sabre Virtual Meetings will significantly drive the video market forward.”

Sabre Travel Network chairman Greg Webb said: “Even though we’re seeing some recovery in business travel, cost-conscious corporations still want to use HD video conferencing to improve collaboration and increase ROI on travel and technology investments.

“One of the biggest challenges they face is the inability to search, book and connect video conferencing systems. Sabre Virtual Meetings solves that and makes it easy to set up internal video conferencing meetings and connect private-to-public or public-to-public rooms.”

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