Barrhead plots growth in Australia and the US with revamped website

Glasgow-based travel agent Barrhead Travel is hoping to launch a new website selling European cruise and long-haul travel to Americans and Australians.

The retailer is hoping its local knowledge and expertise will make it stand out against US rivals for American customers looking to purchase cruises emanating from the UK and other European ports.

Barrhead already sells flights to both nations from its website, and is currently revamping its and sites to launch its new international venture.

Speaking to Travolution, Munro said he was in the process researching the American business, which he described as very different to that in the UK.

“I don’t know how the Americans sell British cruises from Southampton, but we think people in America would rather deal with a Scottish agent when buying a European cruise than one in the States.

“Most people will want to book a flight with a cruise and some land arrangements, such as taking in London, Stratford-upon-Avon, maybe even Edinburgh and Paris too. And the way cruise is sold in America is very different at the moment,” he said.

Munro added: “There are 300 million Americans, so we don’t need many of them for this to be a nice little business.”

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