TripCase to reveal new mobile app design

A new user interface for Sabre’s TripCase to make it easier to navigate the web and mobile app is being unveiled next week.

The design will be shown at the Global Business Travel Association Conference in Boston prior to being launched later in the year.

Sabre sees the new web verson of TripCase as being the traveller’s ‘home base’ to manage, track and share upcoming and previous trips.

The mobile version is described as an ‘on-the-road travel concierge’ to help users with unexpected itinerary changes or obstacles. More mobile features are due to be outlined later this year.

Corporations, agencies, and suppliers will benefit by having timely relevant messages delivered to the traveller at the right point in their trips, according to Sabre.

TripCase actively monitors factors that could impact trips including weather, flight delays and gate changes and automatically notifies the traveller.

It is claimed to be the only travel management app that offers flight alerts at no charge.

Users receive real-time updates and changes on flight information due to TripCase being integrated with the Sabre GDS.

Sabre Travel Solutions senior vice president John Samuel said: “What makes TripCase unique is how we are able to anticipate travellers’ needs to make the overall travel experience better.

“The new look and feel really improves the experience of using TripCase by speeding up the time to access commonly-used features like your itinerary. It also lays the foundation for us to develop more innovative features.”

He added: “The mobile app is where the magic really happens. With TripCase mobile, we’ve honed in on how people travel so the most important part of the trips stand out. We will unveil more of these features later this year.

“Around the world, mobile devices have become part of people’s everyday lives and, as an industry, we have just scratched the surface in leveraging the power, reach and opportunity they represent.

“As mobile devices evolve, we will continue to develop new innovative services and make them available through the TripCase web and mobile platform.”

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