Travel tech firm Multicom to become official backer of anti-APD campaign

Travel software specialists Multicom has offered to become an official supporter of the A Fair Tax on Flying campaign against Air Passenger Duty.

Managing director John Howell has strongly opposed this year’s above inflation increase in APD, campaigning against the plans and launching an e-petition calling for the government to freeze the tax.

He said: “Multicom fully supports the A Fair Tax on Flying initiative and looks forward to becoming an official supporter of the campaign.

“We know that not a single penny of the revenue raised is invested in the infrastructure of our airports or the environment.

“The government’s claims that APD ‘makes an important contribution to reducing the nation’s deficit’ underpin the arguments that it is simply a ‘cash cow’ for the Treasury.

“But there has been no analysis on the impact on the wider economy of this unfair tax and the government has no idea of how damaging it is to UK plc.”

He added: “A similar air tax introduced in the Netherlands four years ago was scrapped when it was shown that the damaging effects on the Dutch economy were four times greater than the revenue it generated.

“Without thorough research being undertaken how can the government know what the true impact is?”

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