Avis Budget appoints Maxymiser to optimise bookings

Avis is to optimise the booking process across its EMEA websites to increase reservations levels, improve the overall experience and enhance customer retention.

Specialist firm Maxymiser has been appointed to give the car rental company access to online testing, personalisation and multichannel optimisation solutions.

Avis Budget EMEA echannel development manager Ben Stephenson said: “It is hard to truly understand the customer’s perspective and take an objective view on the experience delivered by the Avis site.

“By working with Maxymiser we can become a truly customer experience-focused company, constantly listening to our customers through their actions in real time and making changes based on the way they behave on our site.

“Maxymiser specialises in online customer experience optimisation and has considerable experience working with brands in the travel and leisure sector.

“It was clear from speaking directly to Maxymiser customers that the company could provide the expertise, solutions, strategic planning and services that we need to make online customer experience optimisation central to the Avis website.”

Maxymiser UK general manager Wayne Morris said: “Taking the subjectivity out of decision-making by using data derived from actual live visitors to your site is critical to putting the customer at the heart of website optimisation.”

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