Trade supplier seeks to grab attractions market with GoSeeDo

Tickets and excursions specialist Attraction World has reassured the trade the launch of a new consumer site will not undermine its travel agent relations. will co-exist with the firm’s two existing B-C sites, and, and be run by Attraction World managing director Paul Stobbs as a separate entity to the trade-facing arm.

Tony Seaman, Attraction World sales and marketing director, said the firm hoped to establish GoSeeDo as the go-to site for tickets and attractions worldwide for UK customers who do not use travel agents in the same way Attraction World has established itself among agents.

He said no one had really come in and claimed a dominant position in the market, despite the presence of the likes of US specialist Viator, iSango and Attraction Tickets Direct.

“Attraction World is seen as a holistic brand in the trade – whatever you want you can get it. But realistically there are people who just do not go to travel agents.

“We are not planning to undercut the trade, the pricing will be the same. What we wanted was a consumer brand that is like Attraction World. Generally travel agents do a good job but they cannot sell to people who do not book with them and if you do not go to a travel agent there is nobody who really owns that space.”

Seaman said that both consumer and trade sites would offer the same product except where commercial agreements with some suppliers mean that travel agency commission could not be worked into the deal.

And he said the new consumer-facing business will allow it to enhance its product offering to agents particularly in the area of sporting tickets and concert packages, not traditionally big sellers through third parties.

Seaman said the Attraction World team has been expanded by around 10 heads, including five in a joint product team, to accommodate the new consumer site.

It is envisaged that GoDoSee will see steady growth having turned over £25 million in year one, capitalising on the fact that customers always talk about what they will do on holiday and are likely to go and research it online.

However, Seaman added, just as with independent agents, there is an awareness job to be done to educate consumers that excursion and attraction tickets can be pre-bought ahead of travel for many destinations outside of the always-popular Orlando theme parks.

As part of a launch promotion GoSeeDo will offer 5% off all experiences and it has drafted in reality TV star and now TV presenter Jeff Brazier as a brand ambassador.

Stobbs, GoSeeDo managing director, said: “We have in-house travel experts working tirelessly to source deals and secure the best suppliers in order to deliver e-tickets to the world’s greatest destinations and experiences to our customers.

“Leisure time is an important commodity in today’s world and we hope that our expertise can help time-poor people out there to try something different and make the most of their free time, weekends and holidays.”

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