Affiliate Window extends marketing platform to the US

Affiliate Window has announced the launch of its new integrated performance marketing platform in the US market, which coincides with the dissolution of the brand in the UK and US. 

Affliate Window, part of the zanox group, acquired in 2010 to reach out to more clients internationally and inherit key relationships with brands such as O2, RAC and Aviva.

Aligning two network platforms was a key challenge to Affiliate Window following the acquisition, with its main priority to merge the two networks together, creating a single solution for advertisers and publishers.

The company introduced a centralised tracking solution (CTS) to help minimise disruption to advertisers. The CTS enables merchants to seamlessly switch between networks without any technical work required.

The unified interface offers enhanced user experience, in-depth analysis and transparency available on all aspects of programme performance. 

Mark Walters, managing director of Affiliate Window said: “The US market is advancing and the levels of sophistication of our advertiser and publisher partners require a platform capable of coping with those demands.

“New technology is supposed to make life easier, add value or deliver innovation and we hope our clients feel that the new platform delivers all three. 

“Everything we do has these three elements in mind and ensures we are consistently reinventing what we know and what our partners need.”

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