Advanced AI powers London ‘what’s on’ web app

Advanced artificial intelligence algorithms are being employed on a new what’s on web app for London.

Timista uses patented technology designed to respond to a user’s ‘wish list’.

It simultaneously executes a number of complex tasks to organise their spare time based on three dimensions – geography, time and availability.

After outlining where and when they have spare time, users are presented with a range of bespoke options involving a combination of restaurants, exhibitions, concerts, plays, films and pubs.

Suggestions are based on their interests within their chosen area of London and placed in a timeline.

Additionally, Timista checks in real time the availability for all suggested events.

A spokesman said: “Until now, users of listings and ‘what’s on’ websites have been restricted to receiving a basic, one dimensional list of random and unlinked events.

“Timista adapts to what the user wants to do, not the other way round. It produces unrivalled flexibility as all activities can be mixed and matched – nothing is pre-packaged or hard-coded.”

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