Amadeus partners with Akamai to improve web services

Improved web-based response times are being promised by Amadeus as a result of a tie-in with a leading cloud platform.

The partnership with Akamai aims to improve the performance of web-based services and applications used by Amadeus and its customers, including airline e-commerce websites and the company’s booking tools.

The Amadeus and Akamai deal was trialled through test scenarios for five Amadeus customers from 28 countries worldwide.

As part of the pilot for airline e-commerce customers in particular, one large network carrier’s home-page response time performed 3.7 times faster than before. At the same time, the response time for accessing Amadeus’ owns Flex Pricer calendar via the Amadeus e-Retail engine was 3.1 times quicker than previous speeds.

Vice president of product development, sales and e-commerce platforms Denis Lacroix said: “Improved responsiveness across all of our web-based applications and services at Amadeus essentially means increased revenues for our customers.

“By combining the globally distributed Akamai Intelligent Platform with our own leading technology platforms, applications and solutions, customers can ensure the data their own customers are accessing is located closer to them, which drastically improves response times and the overall user experience.”

He added: “Amadeus of course wants to ensure only the very best global performance for all users accessing our applications, regardless of location.

“Our tests prove that overall response speeds can be improved by two to three times, and in some cases up to nearly five times previous speeds.”

Akamai senior vice president and general manager, Enterprise Cloud Division, Willie Tejada said: “For global companies such as Amadeus, the cloud is fast becoming the application delivery channel of choice for both business to consumer and business to business services.”

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