Classic Collection claims higher satisfaction levels with Multicom’s desktop

Independent operator Classic Collection Holidays claims to have seen greater customer satisfaction levels since incorporating Multicom’s FindandBook desktop edition into its call centre operations.

Multicom’s next generation web-based framework has developed from its 20 years of experience of building travel technology solutions for travel companies such as Thomas Cook.

Classic Collection Holidays was already a FindandBook user before integrating Multicom’s products further to incoporate its desktop edition.

Classic Collection Holidays’ Head of IT, Stella Buckingham said: “Switching to Multicom’s FindandBook Desktop Edition has increased our functionality, efficiency, customer service and satisfaction levels.

“The increased flexibility has been well-received by our staff and helped our call centre team enormously in converting searches into bookings; it was a good business decision to upgrade to FindandBook Desktop.”

The desktop system, which allows flexibility in bookings such as multiple departure airports, will increase the speed of bookings and allow staff to find more accurate requirements.

Users are promised a more extensive selection of flight times, greater choice of departure dates and more relevent results for their customers.

Multicom said future improvements to the software will enable Classic Collection to reap further benefits, as well as maintaing pace with other devleoping technologies.

Multicom Managing Director John Howell added: “Our FindandBook Desktop Edition was designed to deliver exactly the kind of benefits Classic Collection Holidays are enjoying, improving service and profitability for all.”

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