Growth in CSR initiatives revealed by Amadeus report

Growth in CSR initiatives revealed by Amadeus report

The latest corporate social responsibility report has been published by Amadeus highlighting the company’s activities, with 165 projects in 45 countries in the past year.

Areas covered include education through language and tourism skills training and PC donations, helping small, emerging entrepreneurs adopt professional processes in their businesses to broaden their commercial reach, and local community initiatives and crisis relief.

The number of countries where corporate responsibility initiatives are taking place has doubled since 2009.

There are almost 800 Amadeus corporate volunteers – four times as many as in the previous year – and more than 17,470 working hours were granted by volunteers to support community initiatives.

Crisis relief efforts were made following the earthquake in Haiti, floods in Bangkok and Australia, the Japanese tsunami and Sendai earthquake, the typhoon in the Philippines and the crisis in the Horn of Africa.

Internally, Amadeus reduced its overall CO2 emissions by more than 5% in 2011, due both to improved energy efficiency and increased use of renewable energy in the company’s largest sites.

The company also improved the energy efficiency per transaction processed by 8%. Electricity consumption per employee was also reduced for the second consecutive year.

Senior vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary Tomás López Fernebrand said: “We believe our expertise in the travel industry combined with our staff’s motivation to make a difference provides a perfect platform to improve our environmental performance and support the communities in which we operate.

“This is a mission where every effort is needed and welcomed. We are committed to further promote and facilitate this kind of initiative.”

Industry affairs vice president Svend Leirvaag added: “I am satisfied to see that resulting figures confirm that during 2011 we were able to increase and strengthen our cooperation in corporate responsibility projects with various stakeholders such as airlines. A clear example of this is our close collaboration with carriers such as Iberia, AviancaTaca, Kenya Airways or Turkish Airlines.

“Education is clearly one of the key drivers to make this support more efficient and durable – therefore we have also highly reinforced our projects in this area.

“At the same time we remained focused on improving our environmental performance and our co-operation with industry stakeholders.”

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