boasts 500,000 million hits

New bedbank website is boasting over half a million hits in its first two days since launch last weekend.

The site said around 550,000 hits had been scored and the number of bookings and agent registrations had been “in line” with expectations.

The accommodation-only site has attracted interest across the travel trade after ex-Libra Holidays’ marketing boss Paul Riches joined the company in early-October.

Founder and chief executive John Kent said: “550,000 hits over the weekend, demonstrates that there is great interest in the business.

“With the outstanding offers we are able to make available to the trade, we are on track to meet our plan and become a major player very quickly.”

However, usability boss Nick Gassman, commenting on the Travolution Blog, criticised its functionality and questioned the effectiveness of the site’s search interface.

A web design and search engine expert from one of the UK’s leading agencies also reported a string of errors within the site’s code that could cause problems with accessibility.

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