Travel Bloggers Unite unveils online jobs service after tie-up

C&M Travel Recruitment and Travel Bloggers Unite claim more travel companies will look to recruit travel bloggers in paid positions in future following a tie-up to create an online jobs service.

The newly-launched job vacancies service TBU Jobs has now gone live on Travel Bloggers Unite’s website, which has around 1,100 travel bloggers registered as members.

Travel recruitment specialist C&M Travel Recruitment is channelling specific jobs through the site suitable to the skillsets of bloggers, such as pay-per-click or search engine optimisation roles or jobs that need knowledge of social media sites.

But both companies claim there is a longer-term expectation that travel companies will take on travel bloggers as they recognise the importance of their skills in marketing their brands. Already some firms are using bloggers to promote their brand.

C&M sales director Barbara Kolosinska said: “I do see there being a future for bloggers. Some travel companies are already seeing the value of hiring a blogger either on a freelance or employed basis.”

TBU founder Oliver Gradwell was confident bloggers’ skills were becoming more important to travel companies.

He added the partnership between a travel bloggers’ site and a recruitment firm was a first and demonstrated the increasing need for bloggers within the industry. “It’s a new way of marketing. Anyone can go on Facebook or Twitter but if you are a travel blogger day in day out you definitely have a skillset that you can use to understand a travel brand.”

TBU hosts conferences every six months in Europe for bloggers to network with staff from the travel industry.

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