Travelocity and Mashery unveil new API developer platform

Travelocity and Mashery unveil new API developer platform

Hoteliers are being offered a new API development platform by Travelocity to improve their distribution through the retailer and sister sites and Zuji.

The Travelocity Connect Developers Portal has been developed with API management technology and services specialist Mashery.

It is hoped it will allow developers in the hospitality sector to create new more consumer-friendly retail systems for hotel rooms incorporating real time pricing and inventory feeds.

Mark Maddock, managing director of UK and Ireland said: “We embrace technologies that help us to deliver outstanding value for not only our customers but also our suppliers.

“We constantly strive to offer 5* luxury for 3* prices for everyone booking at the last minute and this tool will help us to deliver better accessibility and quality of product all round.”

Noreen Henry, senior vice president, global partner services at Travelocity, said: “The Travelocity Connect Developers Portal builds upon our legacy of being the supplier friendly online travel company, making it easy for hotels to connect to us seamlessly.

“The portal minimises costs, errors and delays and will help ensure that our hotel partners are always in sync with us, giving our mutual customers a hassle-free experience. Hotels not using Travelocity Connect are missing opportunities to sell their properties on our sites.”

The secure developer platform offers an API toolkit for Travelocity Connect’s official partner developers.

Oren Michels, co-founder and chief executive of Mashery, said: “Travelocity is an example of a data-driven business that is using APIs to give its partners a distinct advantage in a competitive environment.

“Hotels leveraging Travelocity Connect’s APIs can better promote their current available properties to customers with more detail and accuracy.”

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