Travelspinner claims status as travel match-making pioneer

Travelspinner claims status as travel match-making pioneer

New travel intermediary has signed up more than 200 tour operators ahead of its official launch.

Currently in beta, the site promises to put potential customers in touch with the most appropriate travel firm to match their requirements.

The brainchild of travel writers James Henderson and Edward Reeves, the site has hand-picked specialists to be appear on its database for free.

Reeves said the site was still “bedding in” ahead of an official launch and added: “It’s an unusual concept, and as far as we know currently unique to the UK market.

“There’s minimal content, no sexy photos and no social networking element. And you can’t book anything through us either.

“It’s designed to be as lean as possible. We figure there are enough words of varying quality on the internet already and didn’t see any value in adding to them.

“We think of Travelspinner as an intelligent email system – you tell the site where you want to go and what you want to do, then write a message.

“It then automatically sends the message to the three best travel companies for that particular trip.

“Their replies go straight to your email inbox via our system. We withhold your email address, so you won’t end up receiving lots of marketing nonsense.

“There’s also no log-in, which we’re sure you’ll agree makes a refreshing change.”

Once a request has been logged, Travelspinner matches that to the most appropriate operator based on destination, holiday type, traveller type, age of traveller and budget.

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