Rocco Forte Hotels sign distribution deal with SiteMinder

Rocco Forte Hotels is to extend its online distribution in a deal with SiteMinder.

The distribution platform will power the 13-strong luxury group’s online distribution through the integration of the group’s CRS and revenue management systems to the world’s leading online booking sites.

The move will streamline the rate and availability distribution process for Rocco Forte’s 13 luxurious hotels in Europe and the Middle East. It will also boost exposure to online booking channels and drive down booking costs.

SiteMinder’s full integration with leading revenue management system IDeaS completes a “holistic distribution solution” for Rocco Forte Hotels, according to SiteMinder managing director Mike Ford.

Live rate recommendations are automatically sent from IDeaS to SiteMinder and distributed to the online channels in real time.

Ford said: “By providing Rocco Forte with the most tightly integrated distribution solution available in the market today, we look forward to helping them effectively scale their online distribution while achieving a formidable return on investment in our technology.”

Rocco Forte Hotels’ group director of IT Emmanuel Clavé said: “The interface development and integration with SiteMinder’s software was a very smooth process and the result is a robust and stable platform between OTA channels and protel, with a full two-way interface.”

Rocco Forte Hotels’ 13 properties are located in the UK, Czech Republic, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

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